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thriftho's Journal

..because baby wants to get PAID!
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• • welcome to thriftho • •

this community was created as a cousin to thriftwhore as a place for members to "pimp" their online auctions, trades or sell directly to livejournal members merchandise which they have gotten thrifting.

i reserve the right to delete posts at my discretion if i feel they don't fit the "thrifted" feeling of the community. thanks.

some basic rules:
  • please keep on topic. off topic posts shall be deleted immediately (i.e. no community promos, spamming for friends, etc etc).
  • please no sob stories. yes, you NEED money or your pet died or something equally as tragic, but don't use that as part of your sales pitch. customers should not have to know why you need to make sales. just SELL.
  • if you are posting photos of your merchandise, please lj-cut if you have more than 2 pictures, no matter the size.
    read how to lj-cut here.
  • if you are trading merchandise, please trade with caution. people getting ripped off is no fun and if that happens, please inform me so that i can make notice of it in the community.
  • if you have made an error in your post and would like to *EDIT* it, you can do that quite easily. simply go to the comments page of your post, click on the little pencil icon () and edit away!
  • please restrict your posting to once a day. if you have multiple auctions/sales, please post about them all together. if you add more items or auctions, edit your original post to say so. posting once a day is alright, but once every couple of days would be preferable.
  • that's all i can think of for now, but if you have suggestions for helping keep this place running smoothly, do tell.

thanks! and enjoy your time here, thriftho!